Map instructions

Zoom the map using the + and - icons. Double click on the map to zoom into a point. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and draw a box with your mouse zoom into a specific area of the map.

Move the map using the arrow controls on the map. You can also drag the map by holding down your mouse button.

Click on the map to view a Landscape Character Type profile.

Move the sliding control to change the transparency of the Landscape Character Type layer.

Use the control in the top right of the map to switch map layers on and off.


Important Note On Scale

The East of England Landscape Character Framework maps the landscapes of the area at a scale of 1:100000. Therefore the boundaries between landscapes are only indicative of the change of the physical and cultural patterns between areas. This means that when working at a site scale, especially when close to boundaries, users should be careful to identify which landscape type the land parcel belongs to, based on its characteristics. Users should also refer to the relevant local characterisations for more detailed information.